X-GLUC (x-glucuronide, XGluc)
(5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl-beta-D-glucuronic acid, cyclohexylammonium salt)

The chromogenic substrate X-Gluc is used in a variety of applications for the detection of the β-glucuronidase enzyme. Upon reduction, XGluc produces a localized colour, making it useful in identifying GUS gene presence in most cell types and for the detection of the GUS gene fusion marker in plants.

X-Gluc has reported applications in the detection of contaminated food samples such as meat, dairy, and shellfish products.

X-Glucuronide also has clinical applications in the assessment of urinary tract infection by detecting the presence of E. coli. It has gained international acceptance as an accurate indicator for the presence of E. coli in potable water samples by reducing false positives and negatives found with traditional methods.


> Saves time compared to other E. coli detection methods... 24 hour direct plating method
> Minimizes errors...less than 1% false negatives and less than 5% false positives
> Easy visual detection...λmax is in visible range
> Sensitive for presence/absence of E. coli...eliminates limitations of very rapid presence/absence or chemiluminometric methods

Product 5-Bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl b-D-glucuronic acid cyclohexylammonium salt (xgluc, xglucuronide)
Molecular Formula C20H26BrClN2O7
Molecular Weight 521.80
CAS No. 114162-64-0
Appearance Crystalline white powder.
Solution Clear solution when dissolved in DMF (5mg/ml).
Purity > 98% by TLC and NMR.
- 300 MHz 1H-NMR in D2O Conforms with the structure.
Storage Store at 4 C or below and protect from light and moisture.

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