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February 2009
In spring 2009 we will be launching brand new websites for each of our products including X-gluc. We will also be launching a parent site where you will be able to purchase our different products in one process with full ecommerce functionality.

September 2006
X-Gluc DIRECT now has two sister sites and related products; Carbenicillin DIRECT (www.carbenicillin.com) and Zeatin DIRECT (www.zeatin.net), both offering the highest specifications available at a fraction of the Sigma Aldrich prices.

October 2005
X-Gluc DIRECT is 1 year old! On its Anniversary X-Gluc DIRECT is shipping more X-Gluc than ever before to more and more countries, our price is as low as it has ever been and now we offer excellent rates on bulk X-Gluc!

June 2005
X-Gluc DIRECT achieves its highest sales quarter to date and has shipped its low cost, high grade X-Gluc throughout most of the world including; UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australasia, China and Japan!

October 2004
In October 2004 X-Gluc DIRECT started in business. Its mission was simple.. "to be the best and preferred supplier of X-Gluc worldwide", aiming to achieve this by offering the highest purity X-Gluc at prices considerably lower than the competition and major catalogue companies.


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